Friday, April 9, 2010

Peace Love Run is coming April 11,2010

Peace Love Run is coming April 11,2010. Unfortunately, online and send in registration is closed as of April 8, 2010. You still have a chance to sign up! Race day registration will be open for the cost of $15. You can sign up for this race registration at 12:30. This time is shortly before the 1 mile race set to begin at 2:00.

Peace Love Run is located in Bellingham park. The races will be run along a 1 and 2 mile paved loop. The course is a great way to race a fast time that will be recorded. This race is a wonderful way to bring together your family on a Sunday afternoon, with additional perks. One of which is a goody bag. The goody bag includes donations from sponsors and other small items. A racer will also receive the requested size tee shirt with the Peace Love Run logo printed on the front. For our final perk, the weather is forecasted to be sunny and beautiful. Again a great way to end a weekend, and for some , a spring break!

I must tell all the runners about the great charity that we will benefit. Peace Love Run is donating its' profits to a local charity named the Dove House. The Dove House does many wonderful things for the community. The organization takes care of children who haven't been treated in the best way. The Dove House is operated by many great people who make a difference in others lives.

Finally, If you have any further questions you can contact Peace Love Run at The email is also placed above. We truly hope you can come to run our race(s). Snacks have been donated for after the race. Remember, this race will be a very fun experience for your family and you. Once again, we hope to see you Sunday April 11, 20210.

Thanks, Eleanor D.!

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