Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Race Results

A couple of local racing events were held this weekend- July's Miles of Mooresville and the Streetlight 5k in Concord.

The second in a series, Miles of Mooresville consisted of a one-, two-, and three-mile race. There were 129 finishers in the one-miler. DART's own Todd Mayes finished second overall in the one-miler with a blistering 5:03. Kathy Rink cranked out a solid 6:00, and was first female overall; Chris Flaherty a 6:39; Clint Siemers a 6:44; Wendy Siemers an 11:07.

In the two-mile race, Adam Mayes finished second overall with an 11:11; Clint Siemers a 14:08; Chris Flaherty a 15:20; and Wendy Siemers a 17:34.

In the three-mile race, Clint Siemers finished eighth overall with a 20:00 flat; Wendy Siemers a 24:08; and Chris Flaherty a 24:28.

The Streetlight 5k and one-mile fun run were held in Concord beginning at 8:00p.m. last Friday. There were 171 finishers. Jim Crotts finished in twelfth place overall with a 20:41; and Todd Hartung a 21:06.
Full results of both races can be found at Queen City Timing.

Way to go, all you DARTers! If I missed anyone please let me know. If you're reading this and wondering how you can get involved in the Davidson Area Running Team, send an email to

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