Thursday, July 2, 2009

Run To The Hills: St. Albans and McConnell Neighborhoods

Tucked away on the north side of Davidson between Grey Road and Davidson-Concord Road are two relatively new developments, St. Albans (also known as New Neighborhood in Old Davidson) and McConnell. Both are runner-friendly in that they have sidewalks, little traffic, are lighted at night, and connect to one another. All this sounds like it would make for a pleasant yet maybe boring run, except for one thing - the hills.

Davidson-Concord Road runs like a spine eastward toward River Run and the terrain drops off on each side; more so on the north. which is where St. Albans and McConnell are. Many of the roads in these communities have a fair amount of ups-and-downs in them. It's a great place to do hill work.

Below is a map of a suggested route around the area. Inside roads can be added to increase your mileage. Also, it's easy to get here from downtown Davidson via a sidewalk that runs along Davidson-Concord Road.

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