Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Race Recap: Hit the Brixx 10k & 5k

The annual Hit the Brixx 10k & 5k run/walk was held under cool and misty conditions this past Saturday.  This event is somewhat unique in that one can run the 10k and then, time permitting, run in the 5k.  There was also a kids' fun run at the end which was my five-year-old's first race.

Generally speaking, the 10k course started with a downhill section, then uphill, then downhill again, and finally a series of uphills leading to the finish line.  That is typical for most Charlotte-based races, and was also true for the 5k.  There were more participants (869 finishers) in the 10k than in the 5k (509 finishers).

There were several DARTers in attendance, including Kara Pettie (51:10 in the 10k), Jim Crotts (43:51 in the 10k), Laurie (1:01:29 in the 10k) & Chad Randolph (50:13 in the 10k and 23:00 in the 5k, pushing James in the ubiquitous baby jogger for both races), and our newest member, Wayne Eckert (50:12 in the 10k).  If you were there for one or more of the races, sorry I missed you and lemme know so I can post your name.

Post-race pizza provided by sponsor Brixx and beer provided by Carolina Beer and Beverage made it a worthwhile trip.

You can find results of both races here.

Wayne Eckert

Jim Crotts

Laurie Randoph with son James

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