Sunday, August 2, 2009

Davidson Lands Conservancy Run For Green 2009

It's hard to believe that it's August already and that fall is around the corner. In addition to cooler temperatures and colorful leaves, fall also brings races.

A terrific local race which started only three years ago, Davidson's Run For Green is where you can kickstart your autumnal racing. There are the usual half-marathon and 5k, and this year a 10k has been added. All races will begin near the town green, next to CVS in downtown Davidson, and will end at the town green behind the public library.

All three races will offer a challenging mix of uphills and downhills. The 5k and 10k will stay mainly within town, while the half continues throughout most of the River Run subdivision and back.


  1. I have a quick suggestion/challenge concerning the half marathon race. I have to say that I just really don't like the course. Maybe it's just me, but it's an out-and-back course that winds primarily through a residential area.

    Given the layout of the roads and the traffic flow in this area, this might be the only feasible course for a half marathon. It would be hard to get the town excited about another course that would involve more police support or extended road closings.

    In spite of all that, are we really sure that there is no better half-marathon course? If any group of people should be able to come up with an alternative, I suspect it's the people who read this blog. Anybody wanna take a stab at designing a different route?


  2. There is almost nothing good that I can say about this race. Without a doubt, it is one of the least interesting half marathon courses I've ever run. It is sadly ironic that this event - which is held to support the conservation of open space - takes place almost entirely in one of the worst examples of urban sprawl that you are likely to encounter. Plus, they charged an extortionary late fee of 33%, and on top of that, no t-shirt for race day registrants. You have to hope that they treat their other donors a little better. No way that I'll ever be back at this event.

  3. I enjoyed the 1/2 in Davidson for several reasons. 1 - it was my first half in over 20 years, so I really don't have much to compare it to; 2 - my family was there cheering for me at the end, and my 7-year old got to sprint with me; and 3 - it was a great way for me to learn that I need to run more hills in my normal running. I also got to set a modern day PR that will be shattered at the Huntersville Turkey Trot.

  4. My opinion only is that the route stinks, but as mentioned earlier it is very difficult to contain 13 miles in Davidson. Perhaps a 2 loop route could work. The weather is usually a little hot and humid, so a later time in the year would help.

  5. I like the route for the most part. I would like to see a little more of downtown Davidson and it would be nice if it was a loop course rather than an out and back. However, you get the Greenway, some of Davidson proper and what is so bad about River Run? I run it every day and it is always challenging with the rolling hills and the scenery is nice. What race doesn't run through neighborhoods? The upcoming 15K goes through the Peninsula, all the races in Charlotte go through neighborhoods in SE Charlotte (usually).

    I really wish it was in October rather than September as someone else mentioned.

  6. I ran the 1/2 and had fun on the greenway part but I have to say I was surprised at the length of the River Run segment. I don't think we got further than 4 miles in before we were in the neighborhood loop.

    It's obvious to me that to run in Davidson I need to do some more hill work, but it is definitely not going to occur on that one hill (if you ran it, you know the one I mean!). LOL I was a little sore the next day, but not too bad.

    I like to run races because I get faster with more people running. I was not faster in this race, as 800 people can (and did) spread out a lot over 13.1 miles, so I lost my motivation toward the end and just focused on finishing.

    It was nice though to have the college track team out there at some mile markers and a little cheering squad at the end yelling my name :)

    The event did have t-shirts but they ran out of most sizes, a problem that I have run (no pun intended) into with other races so that was not a huge surprise. I just wrote my address down for them to mail me one. I'll probably never wear it anyway.

    It worked out for me this year since I couldn't attend the Va. Beach Rock n Roll due to scheduling problems. I think my next 1/2 will be the Raleigh Rocks in March 2010.

  7. This could be a half marathon route in Davidson. Gives you a loop course, minimizes amount in River Run and you see more of the City of Davidson.

    To view Possible Davidson 1/2 Marathon Route, follow the link below:

  8. I liked the half marathon course although all those hills surprised me. It's a good point about the urban sprawl, but it's nicer urban sprawl than I'm used to so it wasn't bad for me. Earlier in the year I ran the "Black Mountain Greenway Challenge" (10k) and never did see the greenway... it was all on the streets. I just checked my "Run for Green" T-shirt and there's no date on it so I guess I got one from this year. I requested a medium but all they had was large. I thought the post-race food was pretty bad, but overall I liked the race and will probably run it again next year.

  9. I am interested in running this race. Is this for pretty skilled runners or those that are looking to run their first half. Winning times?

  10. Hello Anonymous. I think you'll find that the Davidson Lands Conservancy half marathon is well-suited for those interested in running their first half. It has some rolling hills, but nothing out of the ordinary. You can find race results on their site,


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