Sunday, August 23, 2009

Charlotte Running Club - A Passion for Running

Many of you have asked about the presence of running groups that meet at regularly scheduled times and places. Some of us are training for specific races and some just want to get together with other like-minded runners. Well, I have good news for you. Unbeknownst to me until last week, there is such a group. It's called the Charlotte Running Club. Last week I talked to Jay Holder, who is the Marketing Director about the club.

From their website:

"The club is for Charlotte, North Carolina runners who are interested in competing in various running events and want to be part of a collaborative group that helps each other improve."

"We are in search of runners who love the sport as much as we do. While the club is blessed to have some very fast runners, we welcome and are looking for runners in the community of all abilities. Charlotte Running Club encourages runners to have a passion for running. The club is always looking for new leaders to help establish new regular locations for running together in town. If you are currently part of a running group or know of one, please let us know. We publish dates, times, and locations for as many running groups that we know of in the area under Weekly Runs. Join us today!"

Although it's called the Charlotte Running Club, they have a number of weekly group runs in the Lake Norman area, especially around Huntersville and Davidson. Also, if you happen to work in Charlotte, you could train with them there. The runs are posted regularly on their website.

To become involved in the Charlotte Running Club, visit their site or send an email to

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