Monday, June 8, 2009

Bailey Road Loop

One of the tricky things about trying to run a loop between Davidson and Cornelius has been trying to get to Bailey Rd. via 115 and then Bailey Rd. itself, which has been only partially sidewalked.  

Three things have transpired which have made doing a Davidson-Cornelius loop possible.  First, the connector of Bailey Rd. and Bailey Springs, which then connects to the Greenway.  Secondly, the extension of the sidewalk along 115 in Cornelius which goes from Washam Potts all the way (with two gaps, for some unknown reason) to Bailey Rd.  Finally, with the construction of Bailey High School will come sidewalks that should connect to the existing sidewalk at Bailey Rd. Park.

Here's a map of a run the group did recently that shows graphically the Bailey Rd. loop.  It's about 7.2 miles, and can be amended to include additional mileage.

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