Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Adventures in Baby Jogging

One of the good things about running in Davidson is that there are some routes that are baby jogger-friendly. Running with a baby jogger, assuming you have a little one or ones in which to push, is a great way to get them and you outdoors. Of course you should use special caution when running with a baby jogger and know you and your child are capable of.

There's the sidewalk that goes along Davidson-Concord Road extending from downtown to the Bradford subdivision. An out-and-back will give you about five miles. It's best to go after some of the rush hour is over, as you will have to cross several side roads. Also, realize that on Friday mornings there will be many big blue trash cans out on the sidewalk for you to dodge.

The Randall Kincaid greenway will give you nearly six miles of good, mostly traffic-free running. Just realize that the steep downhill you enjoyed on Patrick Johnston Lane will become a steep uphill on the way back!

Then there's the Davidson College cross country trail, which can be tackled with a baby jogger. It's definitely a more advanced course, being a mix of hard- and soft-packed dirt. Also, if you get into trouble you may not see anyone else out there for several minutes. When I go I take a phone and a small first aid kit. Never had to use it for my son, but I did have to bandage myself up after tripping on a root.

If you're considering purchasing a baby jogger, look for one that's specifically made for running. There are many brands to consider, but the most popular appear to be Baby Jogger and BOB. With my jogger I carry in addition to the aforementioned first aid kit a small bicycle pump and a beach towel. I also have a place to store my keys and a place to put a sippy cup. Most running stores and cycle shops sell at least one brand, and there are many online retailers such as

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