Friday, July 1, 2011

The Ups and Downs of My Summer Vacation

by Chad Randolph

When my wife and I lived in southern California nearly a decade ago I used to run down to Laguna Beach from home and back.  That constituted one of my weekly long runs, though I didn't know the exact distance (this being before GPS-enabled watches).  On the way back home from Laguna I would have to walk up a good portion of Park Ave., as it's pretty steep.

Last week we were on vacation with our son and stayed in Laguna.  I figured that I'd recreate the route in reverse.  In addition to asphalt there is a healthy amount of fire road, which I especially liked.

A little slice of nature
A small section of Park Ave. heading inland and upland

Unsure if founded by Thurston Howell, III
Fire road leading down to Aliso & Wood Canyon
Taking a breather in 64 degree weather
On the downside, what I thought was 14 or so miles is only ten.  However, the total elevation gain of 1,578 made it a challenging run (and walk).  No wonder my legs were sore the following day.

Lung buster!

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