Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mini-review: Skull Candy Chops Earbuds

I'm not a big fan of online running-related product reviews.  The comfort and performance of apparel and especially shoes are highly subjective.  What works for one person may not work for another.  Also, it seems like some online reviews are thinly veiled pleas for getting free merchandise from manufacturers.  Not that I'm above it...

However, there are some things that come in handy for running.  For DART reviews I'll refer to them as handy tips that are product-related, and I've got a few in the hopper.  This time around it's about the sound.

While you won't often see me sporting tunes while on a run, sometimes I find that listening to music takes away some of the tedium of a dull route or long run.  Until recently I've been using the standard-issue earphones which are inserted into the ear canal.  Unfortunately they tend to fall out while running and I find myself repeatedly jamming them deeper and deeper into my ear in an effort to keep them in place.

Good for home or office, but not on the trail.
There has to be an easier way to keep the buds in place.  Enter Skullcandy's Chops model.  The Chops have an over-ear bracket that keeps the buds in place no matter how much jostling happens.  I used them for the evening portion of the Iron Horse 100-mile run and had no problems.  I'm not going to discuss the sound quality, as that's not my bag, but they do pump out the tunes nicely.

Skullcandy Chops
So if you're like me and you're tired of having to monkey with your earphones on a run, then give these a try.  I got mine from Skullcandy, but there are other manufacturers out there with a similarly styled offering.  -Chad R.

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  1. What?!? Running with headphones? It's not safe! It's not pure! If you can't hear clearly, you could run into a parked car!

    I currently use these:
    They have an extra deal on the ear piece that wedges it into the ear - no falling out.

    I recently heard about Yurbuds. I may give them a try sometime too:


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