Monday, December 6, 2010

Regular Davidson Area Running Team Runs

The Davidson Area Running Team has four regular runs. All runs meet at the CVS in downtown Davidson, NC. Please park on the street as the CVS is open every day and parking is for customers only. Traditionally after each run we head across the street to Summit Coffee for refreshments/relaxation. In the fall/winter months, it's advisable to wear reflective clothing and / or a headlamp for the 6 a.m. runs. For the Wolf Spider run, some sort of illumination is mandatory.

1. Tuesdays, 6 a.m. 4 to 6 miles. Most runners typically opt for 6 miles, roughly an 8-minute mile pace. But paces vary, and we accommodate all. Route Map (4 mi) Route Map (6 mi)

2. Wednesdays, 6 a.m. 4 to 6 miles. Same as Tuesdays

3. Thursdays, 6:00 p.m. The Wolf Spider Run. This is a trail run (in the dark, in fall/winter). A nice, wide hard-packed gravel trail, 5 to 6 miles.

4. Sundays, 7 a.m. 8+ miles. The Sunday run varies based on who shows up and what the training goals are. Often there are a variety of interests, so on a typical day, two runners might be doing 15 miles, and 4 might be doing 10.

All runs meet rain or shine, with few exceptions. If you want to have a fun, casual training run at your pace, this is the place!

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