Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Instructions for Sunday's Run For Green Half Marathon Preview Run

It looks like we'll have 20-25 participants for this Sunday's (Aug. 29th) half marathon preview run.  The run will be a great way to check out Davidson Lands Conservancy's Sept. 18th Run For Green course.  It's scenic and challenging with plenty of rolling hills.

Here are some instructions and notes to be read prior to Sunday.  Like I mentioned before, this is a run and not a race; you can go as fast or as slow as you'd like.  Pair up with someone and have a good time.  I will be running "sweep" to ensure that everyone finishes or at least finds their way back to the start.
  • The run will start near CVS in downtown Davidson (127 South Main St.) at 7:05am (get there a few minutes early in case there are any final instructions).  There should be plenty of free parking along Main St.  Be sure not to park behind CVS in their lot.  The finish is behind CVS near the library.
  • Since this is a run and not a race there will be no traffic control.  There are plenty of sidewalks, and traffic should be light on the roads.
  • If you've not run it before, be sure to study a map of the course.  There are two things of note:  first, be careful when crossing Davidson-Concord Road into and out of River Run, it's a busy spot; second, make sure to continue straight while on Pine Rd. on the way back and turn left on Lorimer( this is after mile 11).
  • I will mark the course with chalk prior to the run and will indicate where to turn, mile markers, etc.
  • I am planning on putting out some gallon jugs of water and Gatorade along the course.  I recommend bringing your own bottle and refilling it as you go along, as I'd rather not have paper cups strewn about.  If you use gels and whatnot bring them as well.
  • Summit Coffee across from CVS is a great place for grabbing a cup of coffee or tea and a scone after the run. 

Chad R.
Davidson Area Running Team

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  1. Looks good Chad. I hope to make it, perhaps even a little early for a 3 mile warm-up and to round out the morning to 16ish.


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