Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Race Recap: CSD Spartan 5K

This past Sunday the Community School of Davidson put on a 5k race at Fisher Farm.  Despite some rain it was well attended by runners and walkers alike.  Cornelius-based runner Bobby Aswell won overall with an unofficial time of 16:05.

Here's Bobby's recap:

"Today at 3:00 pm was the 2nd Annual CSD Spartan 5K at Fisher Farms in Davidson. I was going to run anyway and having never been there, decided to go check it out. It was a fundraiser for the Community School of Davidson (CSD) and consisted mostly of CSD students and their parents. 

On a short course, I managed to finish 1st Overall in 16:05. My guess is that the course was short by about 1/3 mile or so. We didn't actually run on the single track trails but ran on the dog path trails around the park running 2 loops. Anyway, I got in a good workout and got to visit Fisher Farms which would be a good place for future trail runs. Most importantly, had a great time!"

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