Friday, February 5, 2010

Charlotte Running Club's Run for Haiti Location Change

Due to the latest series of storms passing through the Charlotte area location of the Run for Haiti has been changed from McAlpine Park to the Dowd YMCA.  

"The Charlotte Running Club invites members and non-members to lace up their shoes and run, while raising money for victims of the devastating earthquake in Haiti.  With nearly 200 members who all share a passion for running, we know our membership can make a difference in the efforts to bring relief to a community that lost so much. 

The concept is simple:  meet us at the DOWD YMCA at 8 am on Saturday, February 6th.  Then, we'll separate into pace groups and we'll all start running.  From there on out, it's just good exercise and good conversation.  When you're tired, stop, tally up your miles and donate a dollar on behalf of all the club's members for every mile you've run.  You can pay by cash or check, payable to the Charlotte Running Club.  All proceeds will go directly to the Red Cross Relief Fund.   Water and Gatorade will be provided - we can't wait to see you there!

Can't make it on Saturday? - no problem!  Just run around your neighbourhood or in your favorite gym, keep track of your miles (no-one will object if you exaggerate this time...), and give the money to a club member, or contact us to find where to send it.
Can't run because of injury? - no problem!  Show up on Saturday morning with your checkbook and sponsor someone who can.  Make sure they won't run so far you'll be broke for the rest of the week, though!"

Thanks, Theoden!

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