Friday, May 29, 2009

Kicking DART off!

Well kids, here is the first post of the Davidson Area Running Team, or DART for short.  We're not actually a team per se, but the acronym sounds better than DARG (or something similar).  

This blog came about because several of us who run regularly in the Davidson, NC area thought it might be a good idea to band together; to share in our running experiences both here and afar; to help each other achieve our running goals; and to share our knowledge of running routes in the area for newcomers to the area.

A little bit about me, your faithful keeper-of-the-blog.  I've been running recreationally since 1990, and have run everything from 5k's to 40-mile races and everything in between.  I prefer running long, slow distances, and also like to push my son in the baby stroller, even though he's nearly five now.  With all that under my wing I like to assist others in their running, be it running with them or giving them advice.

So with all that said, the goal of this blog is to create a gathering point for those who run in the Davidson, NC area, and to provide them with running partners, help, and advice.  We look forward to running with you!

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